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The Crop Shop Mural

The Crop Shop

Brand Development, Illustration, Mural

This mural project was initiated for multiple reasons; as a celebration of 34 years at The Crop Shop. To make it clear that the shop isn't just a barbers (for men), but also a hairdresser's for all ages and genders. And lastly to transform the exterior of the shop, as it was feeling like it needed some love.

The loyal customers have always been the focus at The Crop Shop. Therefore, using real customers as references for the characters in the mural, was an obvious choice. We gathered a variety of photographs from real customers who wanted to be involved, and ultimately selected a few that captured the essence of The Crop Shop - ‘cutting the hair of generations.’ 

With this selection of photos, the key was to shuffle through and use subjects that honoured the slogan and represented the array of customers. We had one gentleman that had been coming to Graham since he opened the shop back in 1990, so of course he had to be included.  

This slogan was birthed from multiple stellar reviews that Graham has received over the years. The loyal customers include those who have lived in the area for 30+ years, families spanning up to five generations, as well as new clients coming from near and far. He's a real staple for the community. 

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