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A little about me... My creative career has spanned from working in-house as Creative Designer, in both start ups and larger brands, B2B and B2C marketing teams, and SAAS businesses. Therefore, my ability to solve the business challenge behind the brief is always at the forefront of my work. As a dancer in my youth, I’ve always loved to make things move - so developing a brand through the use of motion graphics and animation has been a real passion of mine. My creative background stems from illustration, so I will always jump at the opportunity to delve into illustrative work not only for web but also print.

My key strengths lie in brand development, illustration, campaign creation, animation, social media content designiconography, storyboardingpresentation design, system walk-throughs and corporate videos.  

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Alison Woolcock
Marketing Consultant

Chloe is a delight to work with. A talented illustrator and animator who is able to get under the skin of a business challenge to apply design concepts effectively... in addition to jumping into a project proactively to hone the brief, collate the content and manage the plan. In that respect owning the success of the initiative, not just providing the design.

Keith Bell

I would recommend Chloe to any business that requires digital content. Chloe is able to build engaging content, delivering excellent animated/video and graphic design material (testimonials/one pagers) to assist with sales and marketing.

Irene Reguilon
Content Marketing Manager

Chloe’s ability to juggle multiple projects, always checking in to confirm priorities and deadlines, has been absolutely phenomenal and has made a dramatic difference in the creative outputs and productivity level of our team and the company as a whole. Chloe copes with uncertainty shifting or urgent deadlines brilliantly, always creating high standard materials.

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