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Brorritos Mascot Design


Brand Development, Illustration, Animation, Campaign Design, Collateral, Apparel, Copy-writing

Brorritos approached me to create a mascot that could be used for staff uniform in their stores. We delved into the humble beginnings of how it all began as the main source of inspiration - two friends who met at university, bonded over their love of food and decided to create a Mexican street-food restaurant.

The mascot design is a development of the core element of their brand, the 'o' in the logo. The elongated 'o' represents a burrito, so bringing this element into the characters works seamlessly. They wanted to give a nod to smoking weed and the uni-lifestyle where they originally met, so the copy and elements of the characters subtly point to that . You'll spot the halftone overlay in the eyes to, enough to be suggestive, but without completely tarnishing the brand or their customers.

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