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36 days of type 2023

I spent 36 days experimenting with letterforms and animation, in the #36daysoftype project. It's amazing to be involved in something that designers, artists, illustrators and animators around the world are contributing to. But also to do something completely un-briefed and personal, just to see where it took me.
It reinforced the importance of experimenting, developing my animation skills without constraint and testing my time management in-between various client projects.

As much as I said "without constraint", I did put a few 'rules' in place to keep some kind of structure to the project...

- A striking colour palette.
- 36 minute time limit per letterform.
- A different style of animation every 3 letterforms.
- Beginning with the Sigmund Pro typeface (Designed by Mateusz Machalski. From Capitalics), to act as the bones of each form for consistency.
- Posting the final output regardless of whether I felt it was my best work or not, as it's all part of the experimental process.

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