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The Crop Shop Rebrand

The Crop Shop

Brand Development, Animation, Digital, Print, Campaign Design, Collateral

After celebrating 33 years of service, The Crop Shop approached me with a request 'to shout about their success and give it a bit of a make-over whilst we're at it'. Given their limited budget, the solution was a mini-rebrand. We chose to keep the recognisable essence of their existing brand, with nods to the interior of the shop, whilst revamping it with a bit of a modern twist.

As well as the rebrand, we created an animation to ignite memories of past customers, as well as inviting new. The Crop Shop is built around life-long friendship, loyalty of customers and the craft of hairdressing, so we wanted to highlight the amazing reviews they had received over the years, so that he could continue to "cut the hair of generations" for years to come.

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