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Qwikify Explainer


Brand Development, Illustration, Animation, Digital, Sound Design

The Qwikify platform saves time on documentation while creating a full set of person-centred care plans in just a few minutes. The team at Qwikify wanted to create an animated explainer to delve into the specifics of these benefits and the features of their product. Working alongside Healthtech creative agency, SomX, we created an on brand animation.

The illustrative style was developed from their already existing (but very limited) set of illustrations on their website. To emulate the values and purpose of the brand, the whole animation was clean and crisp, with a nod to their initial illustration style. It was important to created simple infographics that could be repurposed for other materials too e.g. the single source of truth, which is a prominent element that makes Qwikify so easy to use, to be visualised simply but interestingly.

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