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Patient Service Illustrations

Patient Access

Brand Development, Illustration, Digital, Print, Campaign Design, Collateral

Whilst working in-house, I envisioned and implemented the visual language for Patient Access. I created a variety of illustrations to represent the services that were featured on the patient dashboard. Not only did this enhance the look and feel, but it assisted with navigation throughout the product for patients. Avoiding the sometimes crude visualisations of healthcare services, we were inspired by the Wabi-Sabi movement and aspects of Brutalism. Whilst Wabi-Sabi champions authenticity, organic forms and highlights a richness found in natural imperfections, the inspiration found in Brutalism added the concept of scalability and timelessness.

The services are listed in horizontal order from left to right: Smart Pharmacy, Video appointments, Covid-19 testing, General health blood profile, Dermatitis, Physio video appointments, Dietician, Hayfever, Counselling, Male blood profile, Flu, Phone appointments, Covid-19, Female blood profile, Hearing, Physiotherapy.

Patient Info is Patient Access' sister platform that provides clinical information to patients through the form of blogs posts. Below shows some of the editorials for two of the articles.

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