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As Creative Designer at eConsult it is my responsibility to ensure all collateral is abiding by the Brand Guidelines. I developed these guidelines to ensure company-wide unity of the brand and help my colleagues further understand the importance of why consistency in presentation decks, social media posts, internal and external collateral can have a big impact of how we are perceived as a company.


Below shows some examples of social media content, animated explainers, iconography, illustrated assets and development, presentation slide packs, help centre article imagery and email signatures.

Brand Guidelines

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Sales Videos

Sales Videos

Urgent redirection campaign

We created a series of animations for social and email using some of the most common symptom requests for a practice and showing how the detailed history we collect from patients makes all the difference when triaging patients for the right care. Whilst working at eConsult (MedTech start up) I collaborated with a variety of teams to create impactful animations focused around specific benefits of our product and how it can assist GP Practices.  


During this project, I developed a process for marketing animation that didn't otherwise exist before, I collaborated with the Clinical team to ensure the content was clinically correct and accurate, worked within the Marketing team to tweak the copy to make sure it was the perfect balance of clinically correct and impactful, as well as being around the 2 minute mark. With a refined script, I began to storyboard and develop a select few frames to give an idea of look and feel. Then came very productive rounds of critique from myself and all teams involved, and then the animation process began, thinking about audio and the script working alongside the visuals. As this was a series of animations, I created a template that could be used for other common cases that are found with eConsult so that the creation time reduced for future uses. The first video below was a second round of the campaign so we gave it a slightly different feel, whilst still being influenced by the visuals in the first fews videos. 

Urgent Redirection 2.0.jpg